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Ranking men’s college basketball’s top transfers: Tracking several star additions to the portal

If you thought last spring’s transfer portal was overwhelming, this spring likely hasn’t improved matters. The roster changes aren’t slowing down.

The one-time transfer waiver remains in effect, and there are a number of additional factors that could lead to a similar number of men’s basketball names in the portal this spring to the 1,832 that went in for the 2020-21 academic year. Programs must get back to the 13-scholarship limit after being allowed to exceed it for 2021-22 thanks to the extra year of NCAA eligibility, meaning rosters will need to be reduced for many programs. Also, because of COVID-19 protocols, the majority of this year’s freshmen are currently on campuses they never even visited before arriving in the summer or fall — another factor that could lead to attrition.

There are two potential reasons the current pace could be slightly behind the record-setting numbers last spring. Firstly, everyone received a waiver to transfer last spring. Two-time transfers will now need to apply for a waiver, and there is not a ton of optimism that those will be approved. Secondly, the deadline to enter the portal and still be eligible for next season is May 1, so we likely won’t see players entering the portal in July as they did during the previous cycle.

We’re at approximately 1,600 transfers this spring, but with that May 1 deadline approaching, we might still see another late surge of names. Keep your head on a swivel. (Follow this link for complete current rosters for college basketball’s top six conferences and select others).

Updated April 29, 2022. Will be updated regularly.

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