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Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn ‘leaves Oppenheim Group’

Christine Quinn has reportedly left the Oppenheim Group brokerage following a dramatic end to the latest season of the popular reality show Selling Sunset.

The last episode of the series showed Quinn, 33, in trouble after co-star Emma Hernan alleged that Quinn had bribed one of her clients with US$5,000 (£3,976) to steal their business from her.

According to US Weekly, Quinn made the decision to leave the Oppenheim Group.

Minutes before the new season of Selling Sunset launched on 22 April, Quinn posted on her Instagram Stories: “30 minutes till the launch of Selling Sunset. Enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 fake storylines!”

Quinn’s information and work history has been removed from the Oppenheim Group’s website, although she still appears in one group photo of the full team at the top of the “Our Team” page.

The day after the series launched, Quinn introduced her new company to her 3 million Instagram followers.

She shared a screenshot of the story on Forbes and wrote: “Why work for someone else when you can be your own CEO?

“It took over a year of hard work and tenacity to create this platform and patent-pending technology to revolutionise the housing market.

“My Boss B*** manifesto is don’t STOP until you are the Boss of your own life,” she continued.

“You and only you control your storyline. It was a moon shot and now it’s reality. Crypto is the new global financial system. Why ride the wave, when you can help create it?”

Mary Fitzgerald, vice president of the Oppenheim Group, told E! News that the allegations against Quinn would be “completely unethical” and borderline “illegal” had a key document been signed.

She explained that if Hernan’s client had already signed the listing agreement, Quinn “would lose her license, she would lose everything”.

“But the listing agreement for this particular property wasn’t signed just yet, luckily,” Fitzgerald added. “Otherwise, she would have legal issues.”

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