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This Cardio-Vascular Exercise Works for the Whole Body, Know the Technique and Benefits

Burpees are said to be one of the most challenging cardiovascular exercises that need strength and determination. It is a mix of two exercises – push-ups and jumps.

The burpees are performed by doing push-ups with a leap in the air. Opting for several burpees in a row can be very tiring, however, burpees have positive effects which you can’t even think of. Let’s take a look at the correct technique and benefits of burpees which will make you include them in your daily cardio routine.

How to do burpees

  1. Stand with your body straight.
  2. Now, take a squat position with your hands touching the ground.
  3. Take your leg backward, converting the squat position to the push-up position.
  4. Now, with force, come back in the squat position with hands in the same place.
  5. Take a long jump and back to the squat position.

What are the benefits of burpees?

  1. Works for multiple muscles
    Burpees are said to be a full-body workout that works for most of the prominent muscles of the body. It helps in strengthening shoulders, arms, core, glutes, and abdomen.
  2. Increases Heart Rate
    The workout is said to be a part of the High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine. It is said to increase your heart rate which helps in the proper pumping of blood, sweating, and opening up of the lungs.
  3. Burn Calories
    As it works for the whole body, it helps in burning extra calories fast by breaking the fat. As it requires strength and uses multiple muscles, it takes up more calories to perform which in turn helps in losing weight.
  4. Strengthens Core
    Apart from burning calories, burpees are also known to strengthen the core muscles of our body by providing strength to them. If you are targeting abs, then burpees can do wonders for you.
  5. Improves posture and balance
    As it requires a step-by-step process of combining various forms into one, it helps in bringing balance and coordination to the body. With this, burpees also help in improving posture and mobility.

Do at least 10 burpees in a rep. For best results, one must do three reps a day!

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