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Hyatt recruits viral clown singer for national anthem performance | The Express Tribune

After a soulful singing performance of a street performer in clown attire went viral all over social media, composer Rohail Hyatt has reached out to the singer, Asif, to recruit him for an upcoming rendition of the national anthem. Resharing the video of the performance, which now has over 3.3 thousand likes and more than 500 retweets, Rohail sought out Arif’s contact details, revealing later that the two had managed to get in touch.

Rohail tweeted initially, “What a soulful voice MashAllah. Please someone DM his contact details. Thank you to all the people who have forwarded his video to me.” After getting in touch with the performer, the composer shared, “Spoke to Arif earlier today. Lovely person. He is so excited. First thing will be to include him in the national anthem singing and then see what can be done to promote him as an artist. The support you all have shown is so heartwarming. This is what makes you so special.”

The original video shows Arif, dressed from head to toe in a clown costume, showing off his beautiful singing voice while being interviewed on the roadside. The user who shared the video on Twitter also posted Arif’s contact details, asking people who are looking for performers to reach out to him. They also urged callers to be respectful.

It was recently revealed that Hyatt is on the lookout for suggestions for artists representing Pakistan’s diverse ethnoreligious landscape to sing the country’s national anthem. Taking to Twitter, he wrote, “I’m looking for singers that best represent their provincial and minority communities in Pakistan. Please share any names and links that come to your mind.”

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