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times group: Our future is bright.. India will surpass forecasts, says Samir Jain, VC & MD, Times Group – Times of India

(This story originally appeared in on May 9, 2022)

Take inspiration from our glorious past, seize the positives and set a course for a bright future, said Times Group vice-chairman and managing director Samir Jain in a rousing call to India’s political and economic leaders. “Sometimes, one sees things more clearly after stepping out of the frame. The Mona Lisa cannot step out of her frame to see the value of herself in the painting. But that’s exactly what we’ve done these last two years, having objectively seen our own beauty in the mirror. The only caution now is not to be narcissistic,” he said at the ET Awards for Corporate Excellence in Mumbai.
He highlighted the resilience of India while pointing out that we are meeting today after two difficult but extraordinary years.
“Yet, today, inspiration and energy abounds. For 40 years at the helm of Times Group, I’ve emphasised the importance of positive news in our media, to not only inform, but also inspire. And today, it’s invigorating to see metaguys of this anti-fragile nation, thrive and not be fooled by randomness, attracting investors with their khaatirdari and display of affection.”
Over 180 years, India’s transition from being a British vassal, to a Swadheen nation, has been mirrored by Times Group in its journey from newspapers to being a powerhouse of brands and home to India’s largest digital products company, Times Internet, siliconed by Satyan, he said. “For both India and us, these growth curves have not been linear, but exponential… A decade ago, we had one unicorn. Today, we have a 100, making us the third largest unicorn cluster, valued at $300 billion.”
He said the ET Awards for Corporate Excellence have set a benchmark for innovation and sustainable business leadership. “Tonight, we’re gathered to honour those who have innovated in leading their organisations, and India, toward continuous excellence.
“Our past is glorious, our future bright, today is day zero. None will ‘mis-overestimate’ us, for we will surpass all forecasts. Today, as India’s shapers, movers, thinkers, let’s resolve to strive harder toward such excellence,” he ended.

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