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Indian Railways introduces ‘Baby berth’ on THESE trains for mothers

Indian Railways is continuously increasing new facilities. Meanwhile, now the railways is going to start a special seat in trains. This seat will benefit those women who travel with a small child. The Railways has given a separate berth for the infant on a seat in the train to carry small children. This birth is being called ‘Baby Berth’.

Let us inform that Lucknow Railway of Northern Railway has given this new gift to women on Mother’s Day. It has been started in Lucknow Mail going from Lucknow to New Delhi on Monday. As a pilot project, the Railways has installed this baby berth on two seats in the AC-3 coach of the train.

Pictures of this baby birth have surfaced. The baby birth is paired with a normal seat. Due to the baby birth, women will get more space on the seat. On this women can easily put their child to sleep. A stopper has been installed at the corner of the baby birth, so that there will be no danger of the children falling down. 

The most special thing about this baby birth is that this seat can be folded. That is, when it is not needed, it can be folded and done under the seat. This seat has been installed only in the lower seat of the train. At present, the Railways has started this birth as an initiative. It has been installed in only one train now. Till now the Railways has not given much information about it.

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