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Jack Harlow reacts to his awkward Met Gala interview with Emma Chamberlain

When Jack Harlow says I love you, he means it.

It’s been a big year for the “First Class” rapper, whose new album Come Home The Kids Miss You was released on 6 May. Harlow also attended his second Met Gala event on 2 May.

The notorious flirt is known for his many viral-worthy moments, but his “loving” interaction with Vogue’s red carpet host Emma Chamberlain takes the cake. Now, Harlow is calling the awkward video a “piece of art”.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the talk show host played the viral video for the audience. After learning about the rapper’s Givenchy chocolate brown suit, YouTuber Emma Chamberlain ends their interview by saying, “See you in there,” to which Harlow replies: “Can’t wait! Love you! Bye!”

Although Chamberlain said the same back to Harlow, the unexpected expression on her face is priceless (Fallon called it, “the Harlow effect”).

“That’s like a piece of art because there’s so many ways to interpret that, you know what I mean?” he said. “Everyone has a different take on what was going through her head so I’ll leave it up to interpretation.”

When asked by Fallon if he leaves every interview saying he loves them, Harlow said, “Only if I love them. I have a lot of warmth to share.”

Jack Harlow reacts to viral Met Gala interview with Emma Chamberlain

As Harlow pointed out, “She said it back. We love each other.”

The rapper’s new album also made headlines for a track titled “Dua Lipa” after the British pop star.

On the song, he raps: “Dua Lipa, I’m tryna do more with her than do a feature”.

Despite Harlow saying that the track came from a place of “admiration”, Dua Lipa was “thrown off” by the tribute.

“I wanted to get her blessing, so I FaceTimed her and played it for her because I didn’t want her to be blindsided by that or feel like creeped out or anything,” Harlow said on The Breakfast Club. “If she had said, ‘Yo, I hate it. I don’t want it to come out,’ it wouldn’t have come out.”

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