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Watch: People stop car to save woman suffering medical episode

People stop car to save woman suffering medical episode. — Screengrab via YouTube/Boynton Beach Police
  • People rush to help woman having medical episode while driving.
  • Driver is seen slumping on steering wheel.
  • Man unlocks door and people call 911.

A group of people rushed to help a woman who was having a medical episode while driving on Woolbright Road, Florida, USA.

Boynton Beach Police reported the incident by sharing CCTV footage on YouTube. They called the people “Good Samaritans”.

A woman noticed a car slowly entering the intersection at Congress Avenue and rushed towards it. She was the driver’s coworker who had noticed the driver slumping on the steering wheel.

Soon, many people left their vehicles to stop the moving car. They worked together to push against the bonnet. 

A woman struck a dumbbell on the passenger window, while a man put his hand inside to unlock the door.

The car was pushed to a parking lot and 911 was called for help.

Boynton Beach Police said that they shared the video for the people in it to identify themselves so the department can recognise them for their heroic act.

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