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Celebrities who’ve battled varicose veins; know all about the condition, symptoms and treatment options | The Times of India

Just recently, Bollywood actor Rajat Rawail was hospitalised after he lost a lot of blood due to a varicose vein rupture.

Earlier in late 2020, actress Tapsee Pannu had taken to social media, sharing a picture of herself and remembering the time when she got her varicose veins operated and removed weeks before starting her training.

“When I see this picture I remember how I got my varicose veins operated and removed just 6 weeks before I started training. Now those scars can act as an evil eye,” she had said.

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Similarly, several Hollywood celebrities like Britney Spears, Kristen Davis, Serena Williams and Emma Thompson have come to the fore and shared their experience with varicose veins.

Those of you who’re wondering what varicose veins are and whether it has any life-threatening consequences, here’s all you need to know about it.

Image credit: Instagram/taapsee (L)/britneyspears (R)

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