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‘Chandni Raat’ features in ‘Modern Love: Mumbai’’ | The Express Tribune

Classical singer Ali Sethi, known for his contemporary take on reviving ghazals, has yet again made headlines for his music being recognised on the international front. While people are still not over his recent global hit, the Coke Studio track Pasoori, the musician has given them another reason to revisit his work and drown in his 2019 rendition of the melodious ghazal, Chandni Raat. The track was featured in the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Indian web series Modern Love: Mumbai.

As the series launched on the streaming platform on Friday, May 13, fans of the show pointed out the the 37-year-old’s track playing in the backdrop in the second episode, titled Baai, of the series. The Hansal Mehta directorial explores a tale of romance between a homosexual couple while focusing on the organic gaze of lovers regardless of their gender.

Chandni Raat, a song that portrays the joy of reunion after a long lasting separation, is placed at the backdrop of a painful scene where love is being shattered for many. Hitting right at emotions, it beautifully exposes the curse of love when a lover is in distant lands, with no hope of seeing each other on the horizon but still longing for it.

Sethi’s other prominent works in bringing ghazals to the mainstream include Chan Kithan, Dil Ki Khair and Gulon Main Rang among others. He believes in rehauling the genre by fusing it with contemporary forms such as reggae, techno, RnB and even EDM.

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