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Watch: Woman sells spicy instant noodles with mango

Woman cooks Mango Maggi.—Screengrab via Instagram/@thegreatindianfoodie

A viral video on social media shows a brand new food combination being experimented on by a woman selling street food.

A woman somewhere in India cooks instant noodles with spices and then adds mango juice and mango slices, creating a new dish called Mango Maggi. 

An Instagram food blogging account The Great Indian Foodie published the clip.

While both the food items are loved separately, the internet was horrified by the combination of the two.

Netizens were disgusted and made lots of comments about the concept of the recipe and the woman too.

A user said: “Kindly add location so that someone can reach over and offer counselling.”

“Goddd, find me another planet,” a very terrified user said.

A user even questioned people’s taste buds saying, “What happened to your taste buds why are you guys making food like crazy.”

The video has received more than 5,000 likes with people asking for a dislike button.

“Seriously need a dislike button plz…,” a user commented.

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