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Supertech Twin Tower Demolition in Noida: SC extends date, check details

New Delhi: Edifice Engineering, the supertech twin tower demolition firm, told the Supreme Court that a three-month delay in the May 22 demolition date is required because the test blast indicated that the structure is stronger than expected. The court has agreed to postpone the demolition deadline until August 28.

In light of this, the Supreme Court of India extended the demolition deadline to August 28.

The destruction of the twin towers, Apex and Ceyane, was slated for 22 May, however following the test blasts on April 10, specialists on the site indicated the structures are “extremely robust” and they may need to use “more explosives” than previously estimated to bring the buildings down.

The Supreme Court ordered the demolition of the approximately 100-metre-tall twin buildings built in violation of building bye-laws inside the Supertech’s Emerald Court housing society in Noida’s Sector 93A on August 31, 2021.

On April 10, Edifice Engineering, which is working with South African company Jet Demolition to demolish the twin towers, performed test explosives at the site.

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